Essays and Articles

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The Illogic of Holy Contradictions

The Importance of Ecumenical Councils

The Heresy of Adoptionism

The Mystery of the Virgin Mary

Come To The Feast, Ancestors And All

O Death, Where Is Your Applause?

The Bible and Immigration

The Suffering of Fake Crosses

A 2018 Report on our Diocesan Miraculous Icon

The Roman Pope's Non-Defense of Rejecting Hell

A Priestly Vacation: The Miraculous Conversion of a Chinese Man

What is the Priest Doing so Long at the Altar?

Outer-Space Aliens and Their Spirituality

Remember the Forefathers

Demonic Pigs and Hating Paradise

Charity's Holy History

The Bible in Liturgy

Spiritual Camping

A New Faction in Eastern Orthodoxy

The People Versus the Person

Journalism and Heresy

Fr. Andrew's Note on the Youth Night's Movie About Noah's Flood

The Birth of Christ and the Birth of Man

Trivializing the Pain of Christian Crosses

On The Reality Of Demons

Why are Priests Called Fathers?

Questions About Women's Role in Church and About the Holy Spirit as Possibly Female

The Body And Soul Are Both Important

The Religious-Cultural Excuse

Our Winter Concerts, As Fr. Andrew Sees Them

Adam and Eve Were Super-Healthy (in Body)

Too Much Health May Harm Us!

The Church and Creation are Made Just Right

Notes On Spiritual Freedom

Glorify The Creator, Not The Scientist

Scientific Facts Which Few Teachers Dare Reveal

Unity and Life (Even in the Womb)

Religious Observations of China

Sinful Love

Mass Violence And Hating The Flag

We're All Confederates Now (At Least In Their Minds)

Response of the Assembly of Bishops to Homosexual Activism

Beware of Wolves

A Lesson on Pentecost

A Note on Christ's Ascension and a Note on the 1st Ecumenical Council

We Are Honored By Suffering

The Higher and Lower Standards of Motherhood

The Feminist Non-Person

The Symbolic Meanings of the Traditional Items in the Pascha Basket

Two Little Messages (Holy Preparation for Communion and Learning the Bible)

A Clarification on the Meaning of Icons and Heresies

Icons and Heresies

Why Priests are Called Fathers

A General Note on Spiritual and Human Equality

Christian Miracles and Miracles from Other Religions

Spiritual Debts and Buying Salvation

A Basic Lesson of the Holy Trinity

Old Testament Verses About God as Trinity

Satan as the Fallen Star

The Meaning of Fairness and Equality

The Fake Truth of our Time

All Lives Matter