Parish News and Notes

House Blessings
February 01, 2021
1. House blessings are allowed under certain conditions. If you want your house to be blessed, please note that Fr. Andrew can do so outside your house, near the front door with an initial prayer. Then Fr. Andrew will bless your house outside, while you may bless your house from inside with holy water from him. Anyone who would like this, please contact Fr. Andrew. /// 2. St. Gregory's annual parish meeting is scheduled for March 7th after Liturgy. All are welcome to attend, discuss parish news & vote on the needs of the parish. Read more »

Annual Parish Meeting
February 01, 2021
The annual parish meeting will be held on March 7th after Liturgy. Read more »

Theophany House Blessings Cancelled
February 01, 2021
Per the directives of Metropolitan Gregory, we will not be able to bless parishioners homes this year. Read more »

Festival and Garage Sale
August 22, 2019
Get ready for St. Gregory's fall festival andĀ garage sale! It's coming up soon. Read more »