June 16, 2024  Sunday of the 1st Ecumenical Council (Pascha, Ascension, and Glory)

June 9, 2024  Sunday of the Blind Man (The healing Light of the blind man)

June 2, 2024  Sunday of the Samaritan Woman (The spiritual midway point)

May 26, 2024  Sunday of the Paralytic (Christ is the Word of Resurrection)

May 19, 2024  Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearing Women (Christ's eternal power)

May 12, 2024  Thomas Sunday (The sacred exchange of hands between the Lord Jesus & St. Thomas)

May 5, 2024  Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Metr. Gregory's Pascha sermon)

April 28, 2024  Palm Sunday (The prophecies of Palm Sunday which Jesus Christ fulfilled)

April 21, 2024  St. Mary of Egypt Sunday (Our power to choose good and evil is created in us.)

April 14, 2024  St. John Klimakos Sunday (The physical body is not devoid of spirituality)

April 7, 2024  Cross Veneration Sunday (Faith is not a product of brain cells)

March 31, 2024 St. Gregory Palamas Sunday  (Reality is not limited to material things)

March 24, 2024  Orthodoxy Sunday (Materialism vs. icons)

March 17, 2024  Forgiveness Sunday (Metropolitan Gregory's Lenten Sermon)

March 10, 2024  Sunday of the Last Judgment (The end times and Judgment Day)

March 3, 2024  Sunday of the Prodigal Son (Squandering millions of dollars relates to all of us in some way)

February 25, 2024  Sunday of the Publican & the Pharisee (Humility & its discipline)

February 18, 2024  Sunday of Zaccheus (Christ knows all of our thoughts.)

February 11, 2024  Thirty-Sixth Sunday of Pentecost (Jesus Christ our God taught that there is only one true religion.)

February 4, 2024  Thirty-Fifth Sunday of Pentecost (Criticism and the ego)

January 28, 2024  Thirty-Fourth Sunday of Pentecost (Blessings are from God for holiness, not for sins.)

January 21, 2024  Thirty-Third Sunday of Pentecost  (The Word of God is Jesus Christ, who created all things)

January 14, 2024  Thirty-Second Sunday of Pentecost (Some people are blind to visible reality.)

January 7, 2024  Sunday After Theophany (Going upwards according to Jesus Christ)

December 31, 2023  Sunday Before Theophany (Laying aside all earthly cares)

December 25, 2023  The Nativity of our Savior Jesus Christ  (The bishop's sermon)

December 24, 2023  Nativity Eve (Christ's meaning of peace)

December 17, 2023  Sunday of the Lord's Forefathers (The real Giver of gifts and the real celebrants)

December 10, 2023  Twenty-Seventh Sunday of Pentecost (Changing our wrongful emotions and attitudes)

December 3, 2023  Twenty-Sixth Sunday of Pentecost (Buying some time, according to the Gospel)

November 19, 2023  Twenty-Fourth Sunday of Pentecost (The metropolitan's Nativity-Fast sermon)

November 12, 2023  Twenty-Third Sunday of Pentecost (There are religions and then there is Christ's Gospel!)

November 5, 2023  Twenty-Second Sunday of Pentecost (The Lord works things out, even if it doesn't look like it)

October 29, 2023  Twenty-First Sunday of Pentecost (Our Savior Jesus never needed to brag)

October 22, 2023  Twentieth Sunday of Pentecost (We are created to have likenesses with Heaven)

October 15, 2023  Sunday of the Fathers of the 7th Ecumenical Council  (Christ does not admit contradiction)

October 8, 2023  Eighteenth Sunday of Pentecost (God arranges earthly time for our salvation)

October 1, 2023  Protection of the Theotokos (Prayer and protection)

September 24, 2023  Eighteenth Sunday of Pentecost (Christ's actions have meaning)

September 17, 2023  Sunday After the Cross Elevation (Christ's view of His Cross)

September 10, 2023  Sunday Before the Cross Elevation (Man's first sin and where perfection truly exists)

September 3, 2023  Thirteenth Sunday of Pentecost (A lesson on Church and State)

August 27, 2023  Twelfth Sunday of Pentecost (Man's reductionism is not Christ's)

August 20, 2023  Eleventh Sunday of Pentecost (Our need for forgiving others)

August 13, 2023  Tenth Sunday of Pentecost (Paying close attention and pure faith)

August 6, 2023  Transfiguration of our God and Savior Jesus Christ  (Christ's Transfiguration has a purpose in our faith.)

July 30, 2023  Eighth Sunday of Pentecost (Can the Church actually be divided?)

July 23, 2023  Seventh Sunday of Pentecost  (The meaning of Christ as the Son of David)
July 16, 2023  Sunday of the Fathers of the First 6 Ecumenical Councils (Spiritual death vs. physical death)

July 9, 2023  Fifth Sunday of Pentecost (The origin of death and its reversal)

July 2, 2023  Fourth Sunday of Pentecost (When our God and Savior Jesus Christ marveled.)

June 25, 2023  Third Sunday of Pentecost  (Our worries and Christ's perspective on them)

June 18, 2023  Sunday of All Regional Saints (The foundational meaning of godly fatherhood)

June 11, 2023  Sunday of All Saints (Christ's meaning of struggle)

June 4, 2023  Pentecost and Holy Trinity Sunday (Turning aside as Moses learned it and as the Holy Spirit tells us)

May 21, 2023  Sunday of the Man Born Blind (We need to think about our emotions in the Christian way)

May 14, 2023  Sunday of the Samaritan Woman (Christ ends our earthly confusion)

May 7, 2023  Sunday of the Paralytic (Paralysis, the Sacraments, and the Resurrection)

April 30, 2023  Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearing Women (The journey of the Eucharist)

April 23, 2023  Thomas Sunday (The Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ is sacramental.)

April 16, 2023  Holy Resurrection of our God and Savior Jesus Christ  (Metr. Gregory's archpastoral letter for Pascha)

April 9, 2023  Palm Sunday (Palm Sunday is a heavenly journey)

March 26, 2023  Sunday of St. John Klimakos (God's gift of equality in the Virgin Mary)

March 19, 2023  Sunday of the Veneration of the Cross (God made our bodies to be a language.)

March 12, 2023  St. Gregory Palamas Sunday (Our path to salvation requires persistence.)

March 5, 2023  Orthodoxy Sunday  (Christ's victory in the Church over all heresies)

February 26, 2023  Sunday of Forgiveness (Lenten Sermon from Metropolitan Gregory)

February 19, 2023  Sunday of the Last Judgment (The spiritual depth of good deeds in Christ)

February 12, 2023  Sunday of the Prodigal Son (The Prodigal Son and a lesson on Confession)

February 5, 2023  Sunday of the Publican & the Pharisee (We think too highly of ourselves, but Christ saves us.)

January 29, 2023 Zaccheus Sunday  (Climbing a tree to see Jesus has many effects on life)

January 22, 2023  Thirty-Second Sunday of Pentecost (The meaning of true ownership)

January 15, 2023  Thirty-First Sunday of Pentecost (Christ's lesson on man's seating order)

January 8, 2023  Sunday After Theophany (Christ's Baptism and its creational meaning)

January 1, 2023  Sunday of Christ's Circumcision (The meaning of circumcision and Christ's salvation for us)

December 25, 2022  Sunday of the Nativity of our God and Savior Jesus Christ (Metropolitan Gregory's sermon)

December 18, 2022  Sunday of the Holy Fathers (Repetition: Christ's ancestors and St. Nicholas of Myra)

December 11, 2022  Sunday of Christ's Forefathers  (The patriarch Jacob and the Angel of God: the Gospel before Christ)

December 4, 2022  Twenty-Fifth Sunday of Pentecost (There is a difference between mere faith and Christ's faith)

November 20, 2022  Twenty-Third Sunday of Pentecost (The metropolitan's sermon for the Nativity Fast, 2022)

November 13, 2022  Twenty-Second Sunday of Pentecost (Christ is the Door and the Shepherd, the Way out of man's confusion.)

November 6, 2022  Twenty-First Sunday of Pentecost (The exciting results of reaching for Christ)

October 30, 2022  Twentieth Sunday of Pentecost (Courage is important for having faith)

October 23, 2022  Nineteenth Sunday of Pentecost (The Source of all our possessions)

October 16, 2022  Sunday of the 7th Ecumenical Fathers (In the Church, philanthropy is a spiritual energy)

October 2, 2022  Sixteenth Sunday of Pentecost (Christ's Liturgy and its world)

September 25, 2022  Fifteenth Sunday of Pentecost (Jewish roots of Apostolic-Orthodox worship)

September 18, 2022  Sunday After the Elevation of the Cross (We are invited to be God's chosen people.)

September 11, 2022  Sunday Before the Elevation of the Cross (The ultimate meaning of God's glory)

September 4, 2022  Twelfth Sunday of Pentecost (The lowest common denominator vs. God's way)

August 28, 2022  Eleventh Sunday of Pentecost (The history of marriage and its meaning)

August 21, 2022  Tenth Sunday of Pentecost (Only a tiny faith makes greatness possible)

August 14, 2022  Ninth Sunday of Pentecost (The Gospel of Christ in the passing away of the Mother of God)

August 7, 2022 Eighth Sunday of Pentecost  (The Gospel message of Christ's Transfiguration)

July 31, 2022  Seventh Sunday of Pentecost (A lesson from Jesus Christ on clean and unclean food)

July 24, 2022  Sixth Sunday of Pentecost (Detesting evil in the Church's way)

July 17, 2022  Sunday of the First Six Ecumenical Councils (Why is there evil? Jesus explains.)

July 10, 2022  Fourth Sunday of Pentecost (One word from the Lord can change a life and a country.)

July 3, 2022  Third Sunday of Pentecost  (God goes first, then everything else follows, including abortion)

June 26, 2022  Regional All Saints' Sunday (Man's conscience is not his salvation.)

June 19, 2022  All Saints' Sunday (A garbage man and the spiritual meaning of fatherhood)

June 12, 2022  Holy Pentecost (The Tower of Babel and its effects reversed by the Spirit)

June 5, 2022  Sunday of the First Ecumenical Council  (The meaning of the Trinity in the Nicene Creed)

May 29, 2022  Sunday of the Blind Man (The endless Sabbath)

May 22, 2022  Sunday of the Samaritan Woman (The Samaritan woman and the Light of creation.)

May 15, 2022  Sunday of the Paralytic  (Healing a paralytic for man's liturgical time)

May 8, 2022  Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearing Women (The God-given power of life)

May 1, 2022  Thomas Sunday (Christ is real life.)

April 24, 2022  Pascha Sunday (The metropolitan's sermon on the Resurrection Hymn for our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ)

April 17, 2022  Palm Sunday (King David's mule and the Lord's kingly entrance into Jerusalem)

April 10, 2022  Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt (Real service to humanity requires faith in God, not in Atheism.)

April 3, 2022 Sunday of St. John Klimakos  (Lessons on prayer from a great saint)

March 27, 2022  Veneration of the Holy Cross (The Prophet Ezekiel and the mark of salvation)

March 20, 2022  St. Gregory Palamas Sunday (The power to see one's own sins is man's greatest.)

March 13, 2022  Orthodoxy Sunday (The Eucharist of Christ and the icon of Christ)

March 6, 2022  Cheesefare Sunday (Christ's forgiveness and man's forgiveness)

February 27, 2022  Sunday of the Last Judgment  (The Last Judgment and Christ's Resurrection)

February 20, 2022  Sunday of the Prodigal Son (Those unexpected sins....)

February 13, 2022  Sunday of the Publican & the Pharisee (Pride can lead to heresy & humility leads to true beliefs of God.)

February 6, 2022  Zaccheus Sunday (Christians seem like little boys and little girls)

January 30, 2022  Sunday of the Three Holy Hierarchs (January is the month of saintly greatness.)

January 23, 2022  Thirty-First Sunday of Pentecost (The healing of the blind man & our communion with his call for Lord, have mercy)

January 16, 2022  Thirtieth Sunday of Pentecost (The spiritual meaning of Communion bread and wine)

January 9, 2022  Sunday After Theophany (The beginning of Liturgy follows the beginning of Christ's ministry.)

January 2, 2022  Sunday Before Theophany (St. John the Baptist: preparing the way of the Gospel)

December 26, 2021  Synaxis of the Theotokos  (The importance of Christ's Birth)

December 19, 2021  Sunday of Christ's Holy Fathers (The first prophecy of a miraculous birth and the Lord Jesus)

December 12, 2021  Sunday of Christ's Forefathers (The Birth of Christ in the birth of Samson, one of the last judges before King David.)

December 5, 2021  Twenty-Fourth Sunday of Pentecost  (Thankfulness and unity together)

November 21, 2021  Entrance of the Theotokos to the Temple (The holiness of the Mother of God)

November 14, 2021  Twenty-First Sunday of Pentecost  (The truly Good Samaritan)

November 7, 2021  Twentieth Sunday of Pentecost (The power of Christ and His robe)

October 31, 2021  Nineteenth Sunday of Pentecost (The demons' lust for human flesh)

October 24, 2021  Eighteenth Sunday of Pentecost (Big lotteries and mankind's big sins)

October 17, 2021  Sunday of the 7th Ecumenical Councils' Fathers (The meaning of icons in Christ.)

October 10, 2021  Sixteenth Sunday of Pentecost (Christ's Resurrection touches our Liturgy and our whole being.)

October 3, 2021  Fifteenth Sunday of Pentecost (Christ's real Golden Rule)

September 26, 2021  Fourteenth Sunday of Pentecost (Jesus Christ is one Divine Person who became a man, yet remaining one Divine Person, fully God and fully man.)

September 19, 2021  Sunday After the Elevation of the Cross (The spirituality of the Anti-Christ)

September 12, 2021  Sunday Before the Elevation of the Cross  (As God, was Jesus in Heaven as He lived on earth?)

September 5, 2021  Eleventh Sunday of Pentecost (Salvation and forgiveness)

August 29, 2021  Sunday of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist (The need for St. John the Baptist, before and after his death.)

August 22, 2021  Ninth Sunday of Pentecost  (A reconstructed and dogmatized purgatory is not what the early Christians believed.)

August 15, 2021  Dormition of the Theotokos (There are no bodily relics of the Virgin Mary for a divine reason.)

August 8, 2021  Seventh Sunday of Pentecost (One tiny remark, such massive effects....)

August 1, 2021  Sixth Sunday of Pentecost (Jesus Christ is the contrast between the Gospel and all other religions.)

July 25, 2021  Fifth Sunday of Pentecost (The Biblical meaning of righteousness)

July 18, 2021  Sunday of the Holy Fathers of the 1st Six Ecumenical Councils (The wages of sin is death; and so is the payment.)

July 11, 2021  Third Sunday of Pentecost (The deeper meaning of hope in Christ.)

July 4, 2021  Regional All Saints' Sunday (Patron saints and guardian angels are part of the Christian life.)

June 27, 2021  All Saints' Sunday (The path to sainthood is Orthodox.)

June 20, 2021  Holy Pentecost & Trinity Sunday (Life in the Spirit is truly different from life without the Holy Spirit.)

June 13, 2021  Sunday of the 1st Ecumenical Council's Fathers  (In the Apostolic Faith, including the ecumenical councils, the Gospel of Christ is all about fullness.)

June 6, 2021  Sunday of the Blind Man (The difference between what is seemingly natural and what is truly natural.)

May 30, 2021  Sunday of the Samaritan Woman (In the mind of Jesus, true belief does matter.)

May 23, 2021  Sunday of the Paralytic (The old grace in Moses and the new grace in Christ)

May 16, 2021  Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearing Women (The true way of waiting for the Messiah.)

May 9, 2021  St. Thomas Sunday (St. Thomas and the eternal power of Christ's hands.)

May 2, 2021  The Resurrection of our God and Savior Jesus Christ (Pascha Letter from Metropolitan Gregory)

April 25, 2021  Palm Sunday (The meaning of Christ's anointing just before He is praised as the King of all.)

April 18, 2021  Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt (We all have to learn lessons about true repentance.)

April 11, 2021  Sunday of St. John Klimakos (Prayer of the heart is Christ's ladder to Heaven.)

April 4, 2021  Cross Veneration Sunday (Christ is all and in all.)

March 28, 2021  St. Gregory Palamas Sunday (What is invisible is truest.)

March 21, 2021  Orthodoxy Sunday (Christ on earth is the reason for the icon season.)

March 14, 2021  Forgiveness Sunday (Metropolitan Gregory's message for Great Lent, 2021)

March 7, 2021  Sunday of the Last Judgment (The signs of Judgment Day.)

February 28, 2021  Sunday of the Prodigal Son (Honoring our father and mother is more than it first appears.)

February 21, 2021  Sunday of the Righteous Pharisee (It is easier to be self-righteous.)

February 14, 2021  Zaccheus Sunday (Our houses are more than a sentiment.)

February 7, 2021  Thirty-Fifth Sunday of Pentecost (Our hearts affect the contents of our prayers.)

January 31, 2021  Thirty-Fourth Sunday of Pentecost (Spiritual profit and its effect on all of us.)

January 24, 2021  Thirty-Third Sunday of Pentecost (The path to Heaven is a narrow gate because it is easier to obey the world.)

January 17, 2021  Thirty-Second Sunday of Pentecost (Waiting for Christ to return is much more than lazily sitting for His Return.)

January 10, 2021  Sunday After Theophany (Christ's temptation is for our victory in Him.)

January 3, 2021  Sunday Before Theophany (The Gospel of Jesus Christ has never evolved.)

December 25, 2020  The Nativity of our God and Savior Jesus Christ (Metropolitan Gregory's Nativity Message)

December 20, 2020  The Holy Fathers of Jesus Christ (The spiritual meaning of the word "begot".)

December 13, 2020  The Holy Ancestors of Jesus Christ (Christ's ancestors prophesied Him who is our blood Relative)

December 6, 2020  St. Nicholas Day (The historical power of St. Nicholas.)

November 29, 2020  Twenty-Fifth Sunday of Pentecost (God's definition of unity.)

November 22, 2020  Twenty-Fourth Sunday of Pentecost (Death is facing us as we face Christ every day.)

November 15, 2020  Twenty-Third Sunday of Pentecost (The true meaning of a neighbor.)

November 1, 2020  Twenty-First Sunday of Pentecost (We need to recapture what God means by love.)

October 25, 2020  Twentieth Sunday of Pentecost (Simply believe all that Jesus believes, even what is scoffed at today.)

October 18, 2020  St. Luke Sunday (St. Luke and the 70 disciples of our Lord and Savior.)

October 11, 2020  Eighteenth Sunday of Pentecost (The Bible's history of hades.)

October 4, 2020  Seventeenth Sunday of Pentecost (The Bible's use of the word "woe".)

September 27, 2020  Sixteenth Sunday of Pentecost  (Christ: St. Peter's Mt. Sinai of holy power.)

September 20, 2020  Sunday After the Exaltation of the Cross (Jesus mentions the Trinity: God talks to God.)

September 13, 2020  Sunday Before the Exaltation of the Cross (The Cross and its wedding feast.)

September 6, 2020  Thirteenth Sunday of Pentecost (How did sin affect or not affect the Virgin Mary?)

August 30, 2020  Twelfth Sunday of Pentecost (There is only one way for the impossible to be possible.)

August 23, 2020  Eleventh Sunday of Pentecost (The creation of Adam and Eve and what it means in Eastern Orthodoxy.)

August 16, 2020  Tenth Sunday of Pentecost (Dying for one's belief is a sign of sincerity, especially when it pertains to witnesses of the risen Lord Jesus.)

August 9, 2020  Ninth Sunday of Pentecost (Purgatory and a heavenly life without godly deeds were not taught in the early Church.)

August 2, 2020  Eighth Sunday of Pentecost (Christ's love is sacramental and all other love must follow it.)

July 26, 2020  Seventh Sunday of Pentecost (A little cup of water and its gigantic rewards.)

July 19, 2020  Sunday of the First Six Ecumenical Councils (The Prophet Elijah, the councils and Jesus Christ.)

July 12, 2020  5th Sunday of Pentecost  (The demon-possessed herd of pigs in today's world.)

July 5, 2020  4th Sunday of Pentecost  (America's freedom and its godly history.)

June 28, 2020  3rd Sunday of Pentecost  (All injustices need to be hated, not just the politically-correct ones.)

June 21, 2020  All Regional Saints' Day  (Our ideological lust for moral sinlessness is most sinful.)

June 14, 2020  All Saints' Day (The Holy Spirit and the Saints)

June 7, 2020  Holy Pentecost (Pentecost is not quite a birthday for the Church.)

May 31, 2020  Sunday of the First Ecumenical Council (The great debate of the 1st Ecumenical Council)

May 24, 2020  Sunday of the Blind Man (Christ transfers His life and power to the Church.)

May 17, 2020  Sunday of the Samaritan Woman (All beliefs have logical extensions, good and bad.)

May 10, 2020  Sunday of the Paralytic (We are stuck in the world's ways, with only one way out.)

May 3, 2020  Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearing Woman (We can't avoid death, but we can squarely face it in Christ.)

April 26, 2020  Thomas Sunday (Definite proof of the Resurrection, Jesus style.)

April 19, 2020  Pascha - Christ's Resurrection (The Archpastoral Letter for Pascha.)

April 17, 2020  Good Friday (The Virgin Birth is connected with the Cross of Christ.)

April 12, 2020  Palm Sunday (The prophecies of Christ in the Old Testament are more Jewish than today.)

April 5, 2020  St. Mary of Egypt Sunday (We must suffer through what the disciples suffered through.)

March 29, 2020  St. John Klimakos Sunday (A miracle of Christ tells us about life after death.)

March 22, 2020  Cross Veneration Sunday (Like Christ on the Cross, being still is full of action.)

March 15, 2020  St. Gregory Palamas Sunday (God makes no barriers.)

March 8, 2020  Orthodoxy Sunday (Christians need no bureaucrats of loneliness.)

March 1, 2020  Forgiveness Sunday (Archpastoral Letter for Great Lent)

February 23, 2020  Sunday of the Last Judgment (Judgment Day and the temptation to avoid it.)

February 16, 2020  Sunday of the Prodigal Son (Christ did say a few disgusting things for our salvation.)

February 9, 2020  Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee (Peace of mind from God is not an entitlement.)

February 2, 2020  The Meeting of Christ in the Temple (The Law of Moses is continued by Jesus spiritually.)

January 26, 2020  32nd Sunday of Pentecost (One word from Christ can lead to miraculous faith.)

January 19, 2020  31st Sunday of Pentecost (Each of us is the worst of sinners.)

January 12, 2020  Sunday After Theophany (Christ's Baptism and His defeat of satan are game-changers.)

January 5, 2020  Sunday before Theophany (There is spiritual fire for everyone because of Christ's Baptism.)

December 29, 2019  Sunday after the Nativity (The prophecy about Rachel's children is fulfilled in Christ's Birth and the deaths of the Holy Innocents.)

December 25, 2019  Nativity of Jesus Christ our Lord (Archpastoral sermon for the Nativity, 2019)

December 22, 2019  Sunday of Christ's Ancestors (Jesus had ethnic ancestors and now has spiritual descendents.)

December 15, 2019  Sunday of Christ's Forefathers (The Birth of Christ and a great supper.)

December 8, 2019  25th Sunday of Pentecost (The power of singing the Liturgy.)

November 24, 2019  St. Catherine (Our preferences don't define truth.)

November 17, 2019  Twenty-Second Sunday of Pentecost (There's a greater life than a banking life.)

November 10, 2019  Twenty-First Sunday of Pentecost (Our life and salvation are a feast!)

November 3, 2019  Twentieth Sunday of Pentecost  (In Christ, divisiveness is holy.)

October 27, 2019  Nineteenth Sunday of Pentecost (Christ's sign of Jonah.)

October 20, 2019  Eighteenth Sunday of Pentecost (We have spiritual bodies!)

October 6, 2019  Sixteenth Sunday of Pentecost (Only Jesus has power to stop funerals.)

September 29, 2019  Fifteenth Sunday of Pentecost (God's mercy is not divided.)

September 22, 2019  Fourteenth Sunday of Pentecost (Is Heaven boring?)

September 15, 2019  Sunday After the Cross Elevation (There are many crosses, but only one Cross is unique.)

September 8, 2019  The Nativity of the Theotokos (The sign of old age and its renewal in Christ.)

August 25, 2019  Tenth Sunday of Pentecost (Jesus Christ and our bungling of life.)

August 18, 2019  Ninth Sunday of Pentecost (The meaning of the wind when Christ walked on water.)

August 11, 2019  Eighth Sunday of Pentecost (The mass-media labeling of groups, especially of rightwing and leftwing, is not from God.)

August 4, 2019  Seventh Sunday of Pentecost (As was done to Christ, today's culture of demonizing comes from demons.)

July 28, 2019  Sixth Sunday of Pentecost (Only God can forgive sins and read minds and yet Jesus was doing all this too.)

July 21, 2019  Fifth Sunday of Pentecost (Demon possession isn't always about outward violence.)

July 14, 2019  Sunday of the Fathers of the First 6 Ecumenical Councils (Faith and superstition.)

July 7, 2019  Third Sunday of Pentecost (God calls us to unscatter our brains.)

June 30, 2019  Regional All Saints' Sunday (A little note about the eternal fate of people who have never heard the Gospel.)

June 16, 2019  Holy Pentecost and Trinity Sunday  (The spiritual meaning of Pentecost.)

June 9, 2019  Sunday of the First Ecumenical Council (There is God's glory and then there is God's glory!)

June 2, 2019  Sunday of the Blind Man (Darkness has no solid existence.)

May 26, 2019  Sunday of the Samaritan Woman (True worship is real.)

May 19, 2019  Sunday of the Paralytic (Paralysis is more than a bodily disease.)

May 12, 2019  Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearing Women (Human fear vs. holy fear.)

May 5, 2019  St. Thomas Sunday (Thomas provides us important details of Christ's Resurrection.)

April 28, 2019  Holy Pascha (The metropolitan's commentary on "Christ is Risen".)

April 21, 2019  Palm Sunday (Christ praised as the King intensified the Cross.)

April 14, 2019  St. Mary of Egypt Sunday (Christ takes us aside for our good.)

April 7, 2019  St. John Klimakos Sunday (Our world of lies in contrast to prayer and fasting.)

March 31, 2019  Veneration of the Cross Sunday (What is a man's value?)

March 24, 2019  St. Gregory Palamas Sunday (St. Gregory is our victory over the spiritual alterations of westernization.)

March 17, 2019  Orthodoxy Sunday (Having any problem with icons denigrates our worship of God.)

March 10, 2019  Forgiveness Sunday (Metropolitan Gregory's archpastoral sermon for the start of Great Lent.)

March 3, 2019  Sunday of the Last Judgment (The Lord judges what is most natural.)

February 24, 2019  Sunday of the Prodigal Son (Yawning our way through life may lead to a prodigal son.)

February 17, 2019  Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee (Our cultures have forgotten God and repentance.)

February 10, 2019  Zaccheus Sunday (The presence of Christ changes hearts.)

February 3, 2019  Thirty-Sixth Sunday After Pentecost (Abortion has a religious foundation....in Paganism.)

January 27, 2019  Thirty-Fifth Sunday After Pentecost (A talent really is a talent!)

January 20, 2019  Thirty-Fourth Sunday After Pentecost (True poverty is a blessing.)

January 13, 2019  Sunday After Theophany  (Christ had reasons for starting in the dark of Galilee.)

January 6, 2019  Theophany of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ  (The Holy Spirit is in the form of a dove for a good reason.)

December 30, 2018  Sunday After the Nativity  (Christ's Birth is a prophetic celebration.)

December 25, 2018  The Nativity of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ  (Rejoice no matter what, for Christ is born: Glorify Him!)

December 23, 2018  The Sunday of the Fathers  (Christ's Birth upholds all births.)

December 16, 2018  The Sunday of the Forefathers  (The holy ancestors of Christ are signs of who He is.)

December 9, 2018   The Conception of the Virgin Mary  (Jesus Christ practiced what He preached.)

December 2, 2018  Twenty-Seventh Sunday After Pentecost  (Life after death is more than a memory.)

November 25, 2018  Twenty-Sixth Sunday After Pentecost  (The pain of humility is God's grace in us.)

November 18, 2018  Twenty-Fifth Sunday After Pentecost  (The body is not the soul.)

November 11, 2018  Twenty-Fourth Sunday After Pentecost  (Metropolitian Gregory's prayer challenge for the Nativity fast.)

November 4, 2018  Twenty-Third Sunday After Pentecost  (Human powers rely fully on Christ.)

October 28, 2018  Twenty-Second Sunday After Pentecost  (Christ has changed the old holy laws for a new divine creation.)

October 21, 2018  Twenty-First Sunday After Pentecost  (Yes, there is conscious life after death in this age.)

October 14, 2018  Sunday of the Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council  (The Christian heart is the center of man's being.)

October 7, 2018  Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost  (Our weaknesses can be used by God.)

September 30, 2018  Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost  (God loves to give abundantly.)

September 23, 2018  The Conception of St. John the Baptist  (Our thoughts are not automatic behavior.)

September 16, 2018  Sunday After the Cross Exaltation  (We are told to carry true crosses, not fake ones.)

September 9, 2018  Sunday Before the Cross Elevation  (Hostility is man's, not God's.)

September 2, 2018  Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost  (Our clothing tells a spiritual message.)

August 26, 2018  Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost  (The whole world is Christ's parable.)

August 19, 2018  Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost  (God makes camels go through needles!)

August 12, 2018  Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost  (Our hearts are powerful gifts from God.)

August 5, 2018  Tenth Sunday After Pentecost  (Christ's reaction to taxation.)

July 29, 2018  Ninth Sunday After Pentecost  (Work and prayer go together in Christ.)

July 22, 2018  Eighth Sunday After Pentecost  (The Eucharist of the Liturgy is the basis of Christian unity.)

July 15, 2018  Sunday of the First Six Ecumenical Councils  (Christ's unity involves suffering.)

July 8, 2018  Sixth Sunday After Pentecost  (Only God can read our minds.)

July 1, 2018  Fifth Sunday After Pentecost  (Christ ends sin's boring routine.)

June 24, 2018  The Nativity of St. John the Baptist  (Just like in the days of St. John the Baptist, the world is seeing a Christian revival.)

June 17, 2018  Third Sunday After Pentecost  (Is God ever hostile?)

June 10, 2018  Regional Saints' Sunday  (God and the Church overflow beyond themselves.)

June 3, 2018  All Saints' Sunday  (All saints still commune with us, even those unknown.)

May 27, 2018  Pentecost and Trinity Sunday  (Communal worship improves our souls.)

May 20, 2018  Sunday of the First Ecumenical Council  (Eternal life is knowing certain things.)

May 13, 2018  Sunday of the Blind Man  (Perfect love is fearless.)

May 6, 2018  Sunday of the Samaritan Woman  (God's love is not pushy.)

April 29, 2018  Sunday of the Paralytic  (Sin is not just a mental problem.)

April 22, 2018  Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearing Women  (The Lord's Resurrection compared to our culture's religious apathy.)

April 15, 2018  Thomas Sunday  (What is meant by "My Lord and my God"?)

April 8, 2018  Pascha, our Lord's Resurrection  (Bishop Gregory's Pascha Message.)

April 6, 2018  Holy Friday  (An obscure miracle tells us what Jesus wanted the whole world to see.)

April 1, 2018  Palm Sunday  (Palm Sunday never ends.....)

March 25, 2018  The Annunciation and the Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt  (God is timeless, without beginning, yet brings the fullness of time.)

March 18, 2018  St. John Klimakos Sunday  (Slowing down leads to proper prayer.)

March 11, 2018  Cross Veneration Sunday  (Taking on our crosses is about living through discomforting things by prayer.)

March 4, 2018  Gregory Palamas Sunday  (Prayer and fasting bring heavenly light, even for the worst of sinners.)

February 25, 2018  Orthodoxy Sunday  (The celebration of icons surpasses death itself.)

February 18, 2018  Sunday of Forgiveness  (The Bishop's Lenten message.)

January 28, 2018  Sunday of the Tax Collector and the Pharisee  (Angels and demons are pulling us.)

January 21, 2018  Zaccheus Sunday  (God's house is our home.)

January 14, 2018  32nd Sunday After Pentecost  (The blind man lived according to the Sermon on the Mount and thus was healed.)

January 7, 2018  Sunday After Theophany/Synaxis of St. John the Baptist  (Preparation is over; now it's actualization.)


December 31, 2017  Sunday After the Nativity/Sunday Before Theophany  (Life is an emergency.)

December 24, 2017  Sunday of the Fathers/Nativity Eve  (Christ's Birth is man's infancy.)

December 17, 2017  Sunday of Christ's Forefathers  (Christ's ancestors are our ancestors.)

December 10, 2017  26th Sunday After Pentecost  (Thanking Christ is liturgical.)

December 3, 2017  25th Sunday After Pentecost  (The truest meaning of good.)

November 19, 2017  24th Sunday After Pentecost  (The opposite of storing and saving is fasting and praying.)

November 12, 2017  23rd Sunday After Pentecost  (The Bishop's sermon for the Nativity Fast- Pray for peace.)

November 5, 2017  22nd Sunday After Pentecost  (Jesus Christ is not an ordinary name.)

October 29, 2017  21st Sunday After Pentecost  (Jesus is kicked out of town...constantly.)

October 22, 2017  20th Sunday After Pentecost  (A merciful heart is a heavenly heart of generosity.)

October 15, 2017  Sunday of the Church Fathers  (Charity is a ministry of love, not just a financial system.)

October 8, 2017  18th Sunday After Pentecost  (Money is like a religion.)

October 1, 2017  Protection of the Mother of God  (God's protection is beyond our five senses.)

September 24, 2017  16th Sunday After Pentecost  (Christ heals us face-to-face, not in a mass.)

September 17, 2017  Sunday After the Cross Elevation  (It is about Christ's faith alone, not our faith first.)

September 10, 2017  Sunday Before the Cross Elevation  (Christ became what is disgusting to save ugly mankind.)

August 27, 2017  12th Sunday After Pentecost  (We are free to seek perfect salvation or not.)

August 20, 2017  11th Sunday After Pentecost  (All racial sins can be forgiven, not just some of them.)

August 13, 2017  10th Sunday After Pentecost  (Spiritual epilepsy and its liturgical cure.)

August 6, 2017  The Transfiguration of Jesus Christ  (The Transfiguration is now in the Church.)

July 30, 2017  8th Sunday After Pentecost  (The Lord's feeding of the 5000 as the eucharistic Liturgy.)

July 23, 2017  7th Sunday After Pentecost  (The liturgical Gospel.)

July 16, 2017  Sunday of the Fathers of the First 6 Ecumenical Councils  (The Liturgy's Prayer of Offering, as seen in the Epistle to the Hebrews.)

July 9, 2017  5th Sunday After Pentecost  (Avoid self-demonization and stand with Christ.)

July 2, 2017  4th Sunday After Pentecost  (Making Jesus marvel.)

June 25, 2017  3rd Sunday After Pentecost  (The lamp of the body is the eye, not two eyes.)

June 18, 2017  Regional All Saints' Sunday  (Roughing it leads to a better way of life.)

June 11, 2017  All Saints' Sunday  (Don't let ideologies change the Apostolic Faith.)

June 4, 2017  Holy Pentecost  (The people are not more important than the person and church.)

May 28, 2017  Sunday of the First Ecumenical Council  (True heresy vs. fake heresy)

May 21, 2017  Sunday of the Blind Man  (Only God has no beginning.)

May 14, 2017  Sunday of the Samaritan Woman  (The Bible's meaning of Christian.)

May 7, 2017  Sunday of the Paralytic  (Today's Holy Fire and the Bible's ancient miracles.)

April 30, 2017  Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearing Women  (Character building is all about facing our crosses.)

April 23, 2017  St. Thomas Sunday  (Resistance to Christ is worldwide and ever-historical.)

April 16, 2017  The Resurrection of our Lord and Savior  (Archpastoral Letter for Pascha)

April 9, 2017  Palm Sunday  (The joy of Palm Sunday is every day.)

April 2, 2017  Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt  (A weeping icon and spiritual children.)

March 26, 2017  Sunday of St. John Klimakos  (With Christ, the dying are always raised to life by more faith.)

March 19, 2017  Sunday of Venerating the Cross  (The Cross must be with us all our lives, just like at the Red Sea.)

March 12, 2017  Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas  (Our salvation involves a history of helping Angels.)

March 5, 2017  Orthodoxy Sunday  (Like icons, our faces reveal our souls.)

February 26, 2017  Sunday of Forgiveness (Bishop Gregory's sermon for the beginning of Lent.)

February 19, 2017  Sunday of the Last Judgment  (Confidence before God's judgement comes from loving others.)

February 12, 2017  Sunday of the Prodigal Son  (Leave the angry pigsty of revolution against God.)

February 5, 2017  Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee  (What are the causes of our prayers?)

January 29, 2017  Sunday of Zaccheus  (The Crowd tends to accuse those who love Christ with great sinfulness.)

January 22, 2017  31st Sunday After Pentecost  (We need to feel the desperation of our truest need, which is Christ's salvation.)

January 15, 2017  30th Sunday After Pentecost  (We need to exchange earthly riches for sacred and heavenly riches.)

January 8, 2017  Sunday After Theophany  (God first helps those who need it most.)

January 1, 2017  Circumcision of Jesus Christ  (Christ's circumcision shows that our Lord affirmed unchanging male & female genders.)



December 25, 2016 The Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ (The Archpastoral Homily of Bishop Gregory of Nyssa.)

December 18, 2016 Sunday of the Fathers (Christ's Birth is greater than King David's and Father Abraham's.)

December 11, 2016 Sunday of the Forefathers (Some people don't take going to Heaven seriously.)

December 4, 2016 24th Sunday After Pentecost (Waiting for Christ to return is more than sitting around.)

November 27, 2016 23rd Sunday After Pentecost (Envy is a fanatical sin, so rejoice in what God does for others.)

November 20, 2016 22nd Sunday After Pentecost (Let your soul be in charge of you, not your body.)

November 13, 2016 Sunday of St. John Chrysostom (Archpastoral Letter for the Nativity Fast.)

October 30, 2016 19th Sunday After Pentecost (We must pay attention to how we hear Christ.)

October 23, 2016 18th Sunday After Pentecost (Charity is not taxation and stinginess is hellish.)

October 16, 2016 Sunday of the Fathers of the 7th Ecumenical Council (Grow Christ's seeds of the Gospel, not the seeds of the media.)

October 9, 2016 16th Sunday After Pentecost (Loving Jesus is a life-and-death matter, not just a cuddly feeling.)

October 2, 2016 15th Sunday After Pentecost (Christians tend to be more educated, statistically.)

September 25, 2016 14th Sunday After Pentecost (Converting to Christ is a lifelong worship.)

September 18, 2016 Sunday After the Exaltation of the Cross (Self-denial is saintly, maybe leading to martyrdom, but everyone can deny self for eternal life.)

September 11, 2016 Sunday Before the Exaltation of the Cross (Our generosity may not be as holy as we may think it is.)

September 4, 2016 11th Sunday After Pentecost (What Christ believed about man's beginning & what we need to know.)

August 28, 2016 10th Sunday After Pentecost (Moving mountains and spiritual obstacles.)

August 21, 2016 9th Sunday After Pentecost (Our Lord often saves us just in time.)

August 14, 2016 8th Sunday After Pentecost (Miraculous changes occur in Church and every day.)

August 7, 2016 7th Sunday After Pentecost (The true meaning of defilement.)

July 31, 2016 6th Sunday After Pentecost (The Church's Needs are Your Needs.)

July 24, 2016 5th Sunday After Pentecost (The Workings of Demons and Christ's Victory.)

July 17, 2016 4th Sunday After Pentecost (Healing for salvation begins when Christ is invited into the heart.)

July 10, 2016 3rd Sunday After Pentecost (There is good & evil unity, as well as good & evil division.)

July 3, 2016 2nd Sunday After Pentecost (Don't judge others, but you can discriminate by not throwing pearls to dogs and pigs.)

June 26, 2016 1st Sunday After Pentecost (Don't fall into pop-culture hysteria, but fear your sins.)

June 19, 2016 Pentecost Sunday (Realizing the horror of a sin is an actual vision from the Holy Spirit.)

June 12, 2016 Sunday of the First Ecumenical Council (Beware of false religious unity.)

June 5, 2016 Sunday of the Man Born Blind (How can some people hate a miracle?)

May 29, 2016 Sunday of the Samaritan Woman (Great miracles are based on seeing Christ spiritually.)

May 22, 2016 Sunday of the Paralytic (Miracles of the past and of today are signs that Christ's Resurrection transforms human nature to its original state.)

May 15, 2016 Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearing Women (Going to Christ resolves obstacles, like the lifted stone of His Tomb.)

May 8, 2016 Thomas Sunday (The Father and the Son have always shared divinity.)

May 1, 2016 The Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Archpastoral Homily of Bishop Gregory of Nyssa.)

April 24, 2016 Palm Sunday (Christ riding on a donkey is an insult to some and a gift to others.)

April 17, 2016 St. Mary of Egypt Sunday (Servitude is Kingship, not equality and power.)

April 10, 2016 Sunday of St. John Klimakos (We are distracted from union with God, but Christ was never distracted from saving us.)

April 3, 2016 Sunday of the Veneration of the Cross (Fleshly or utopian perfection hinders spiritual responsibility in learning holiness through our crosses.)

March 27, 2016 St. Gregory Palamas Sunday (Muslim terrorism is a reflection of demons attacking our souls.)

March 20, 2016 Sunday of Orthodoxy (Crying, "You are the Son of God" requires God's help because it can mean different things in a soul.)

March 13, 2016 Forgiveness Sunday (Archpastoral Letter from Bishop Gregory.)

March 6, 2016 Sunday of the Last Judgment (Our salvation is through the body, not only the soul.)

February 28, 2016 Sunday of the Prodigal Son (The house of man should be like the House of God, a family gathering.)

February 21, 2016 Sunday of the Publican & the Pharisee (Be negative about self-glory; be positive about repentance.)

February 14, 2016 Zaccheus Sunday (Christ ends all distances between God and man, even between man and man.)

February 7, 2016 Thirty-Sixth Sunday of Pentecost (The meanings behind Christ pretending to insult a Canaanite woman.)

January 31, 2016 Thirty-Fifth Sunday of Pentecost (The body's 5 senses are created for worship.)

January 24, 2016 Thirty-Fourth Sunday of Pentecost (Healing a blind man two times is like Christ coming to earth two times.)

January 17, 2016 Thirty-Third Sunday of Pentecost (Spiritual work goes first and then God's rest on earth as in Heaven.)

January 10, 2016 Sunday After Theophany (Christ's light is fulfillment and spiritual darkness is unfulfillment.)

January 3, 2016 Sunday Before Theophany (In Christ, raising our consciousness is lowering our consciousness of the self.)



December 27, 2015 Sunday After Nativity (The pop-culture denial of the Virgin Birth of Christ does not answer why all the Apostles died for this belief.)

December 20, 2015 Sunday of the Fathers (The Apostolic meaning of begetting.)

December 13, 2015 Sunday of the Forefathers (Christ invites us to honor His Eucharist, not to decline.)

December 6, 2015 St. Nicholas Day (Gratitude is how we worship.)

November 29, 2015 Twenty-Sixth Sunday of Pentecost (Time is exciting, not something negative, because Christ has sanctified it forever.)

November 22, 2015 Twenty-Fifth Sunday of Pentecost (Storing all our possessions hinders our storage of Christ's virtues.)

November 15, 2015 Twenty-Fourth Sunday of Pentecost (Jesus Christ is the ultimate Good Samaritan.)

November 8, 2015 Sunday of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and all the Bodiless Powers of Heaven (We are glorified before all the Angels by the fear of God.)

November 1, 2015 Sunday of St. Cosmas and St. Damian (Divine love is the end of sin.)

October 25, 2015 Twenty-First Sunday of Pentecost (Begging and humility are prayerful.)

October 18, 2015 St. Luke Sunday (Jesus has authority over demons, which is allowed for us to have too.)

October 11, 2015 Nineteenth Sunday of Pentecost (Bodily sickness can help our souls.)

October 4, 2015 Eighteenth Sunday of Pentecost (Loving your enemy is more practical and less general.)

September 27, 2015 Seventeenth Sunday of Pentecost (God has made your life and everything else just right.)

September 20, 2015 Sunday After the Elevation of the Cross (Bearing your cross of self-denial means being spiritually responsible about yourself.)

September 13, 2015 Sunday Before the Elevation of the Cross (You can't love you, only your neighbor as yourself.)

September 6, 2015 Fourteenth Sunday of Pentecost (There is always that one choice we face to go one way or the other.)

August 30, 2015 Thirteenth Sunday of Pentecost (Praying with love is necessary to be with God.)

August 23, 2015 Twelfth Sunday of Pentecost (Christianity has more freedom than other religions.)

August 16, 2015 Eleventh Sunday of Pentecost (Great sins against God and tiny sins against us.)

August 9, 2015 Tenth Sunday of Pentecost (Moving mountains is real, in more ways than one.)

August 2, 2015 Ninth Sunday of Pentecost (God created all things, but Naturalism rejects God.)

July 26, 2015 Eighth Sunday of Pentecost (Christ's unity is through the Eucharist.)

July 19, 2015 Seventh Sunday of Pentecost (Demonizing genuine love is sinful.)

July 12, 2015 Sixth Sunday of Pentecost (Not all feelings of love are righteous and holy.)

July 5, 2015 Fifth Sunday of Pentecost (Homosexualism is another form of lost identity.)

June 28, 2015 Fourth Sunday of Pentecost (Cultivating a sense of unworthiness is still relevant today.)

May 31, 2015 Pentecost Sunday (A few basic teachings on the Holy Trinity as Three Persons in One Essence.)

May 24, 2015 Sunday of the Ascension & the Fathers of the 1st Ecumenical Council (Christian knowledge is not about control and power, but about self-sacrifice and self-discipline.)

May 17, 2015 Sunday of the Man Born Blind (A miracle shows that Christ is the Creator.)

May 10, 2015 Sunday of the Samaritan Woman (Apostolic motherhood is of highest standard.)

May 3, 2015 Sunday of the Paralytic (Don't be paralyzed with fear but be paralyzed to sin.)

April 26, 2015 Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearing Women (Male and female are not denied, but promoted and protected by Christ's Resurrection.)

April 19, 2015 St. Thomas Sunday (Christ purposely emphasized His Resurrection by revealing it to Thomas.)

April 12, 2015 Christ's Resurrection / Pascha (Bishop Gregory's Archpastoral Paschal Sermon.)

April 10, 2015 Holy Friday (The death of Christ involves three very modern sins.)

April 5, 2015 Palm Sunday (Realizing the misery of our sins inspires praise and cheers for Christ's victory over death.)

March 29, 2015 St. Mary of Egypt Sunday (Thoughts and fantasies lead to many sins.)

March 22, 2015 St. John Klimakos Sunday (Greater faith and holiness rub off onto those who seek it.)

March 15, 2015 Veneration of the Cross Sunday (The spirit of total self-denial is like giving away our daily bread.)

March 8, 2015 St. Gregory Palamas Sunday (In Apostolic Christianity, God's grace is direct, not a supernatural event or a past event.)

March 1, 2015 Sunday of Orthodoxy (God calls us always.)

February 22, 2015 Forgiveness Sunday (Forgiveness should be more than superficial.)

February 15, 2015 Judgment Day Sunday (Judgment Day is also about the right kind of generosity and the right kind of stinginess.)

February 8, 2015 Sunday of the Prodigal Son (Our false father makes us brats, while our heavenly Father makes us repentant.)

February 1, 2015 Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee (Looking at ourselves in the spiritual mirror is not a pretty sight.)

January 25, 2015 Zaccheus Sunday (Shamelessness loses God;shamefulness gains God.)

January 18, 2015 32nd Sunday After Pentecost (Blind faith vs. true faith.)

January 11, 2015 Sunday After Theophany (True prophecy vs. other religions.)

January 4, 2015 Sunday Before Theophany (The Gospel is full of beginnings.)



December 28, 2014 Sunday After the Nativity of Christ (Christ's Flight to Egypt, fleeing evil, is not Escapism.)

December 25, 2014 Birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (The star of peace and wisdom.)

December 14, 2014 Sunday of the Forefathers (Using happiness and unhappiness to rebel against God.)

December 7, 2014 Twenty-Sixth Sunday After Pentecost (Learning what is acceptable to the Lord comes from being with Christ at the altar of the Church.)

November 30, 2014 Twenty-Fifth Sunday After Pentecost (The growth of spiritually conflicting laws in Christ's time and today.)

November 23, 2014 Twenty-Fourth Sunday After Pentecost (Heavenly citizenship is greater than earthly citizenship.)

November 16, 2014 Sunday of St. Matthew the Apostle (The Lord Jesus associates with sinners, not with the self-righteous.)

November 9, 2014 Twenty-Second Sunday After Pentecost (Hiding & running from God vs. hiding & walking with God.)

November 2, 2014 Twenty-First Sunday After Pentecost (The formation of hell is self-fulfilling distance.)

October 26, 2014 St. Demetrios Sunday (The world's hatred of what is Apostolic.)

October 19, 2014 Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost (Divine experiences vs. human experiences.)

October 12, 2014 The Fathers of the 7th Ecumenical Council (Cultivating spiritual improvement.)

October 5, 2014 Seventeenth Sunday After Pentecost (Human equality vs. Divine equality.)

September 28, 2014 Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost (Zeal and indifference.)

September 21, 2014 Sunday After the Exaltation of the Cross (As Jesus specifically states, the Prophets wrote that God talks to God, which is manifested by the Holy Trinity, Three Persons in One Nature.)

September 14, 2014 Sunday of the Exaltation of the Cross (Those who take the Cross most seriously take life and death most seriously.)

September 7, 2014 Sunday Before the Exaltation of the Cross (The Cross fulfills Moses's life-giving serpent, which Judaism can't explain.)

August 31, 2014 Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost (Wealth doesn't cause human suffering & hating wealth doesn't cause human perfection.)

August 24, 2014 Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost (The true and false meanings of debt.)

August 17, 2014 Tenth Sunday After Pentecost (True and false faith, or grace and magic.)

August 10, 2014 Ninth Sunday After Pentecost (Good and bad divisions.)